Which Packaging Box is Best for Your Product?

Some even come with built-in self-locking mechanisms for extra security. Packaging boxes come in many sizes, from those small enough to fit into a purse to the larger and stronger ones which can be used to ship precious and semiprecious stones. The most common materials which are packed inside these boxes are glass, cork, paper, plastic and a few others.

Glass Packaging Boxes – These are widely used in the production of CD’s, DVD’s and DVDs. These are also used to store photographs, artwork and other fragile items. The reason why plastic boxes are used to pack CDs and DVDs is because it is easier to manage, cheaper to produce and most importantly it can withstand extreme temperatures. Moreover, plastic boxes are one of the safest, eco-friendly and economically beneficial ways to package goods.

Cork Packaging Boxes – These are primarily used for packing paper. Apart from being cheap and biodegradable, it is one of the strongest packaging boxes which are also easy to maintain. Cork is known to increase the lifespan of anything which is packed inside it, whether it is paper or jewelries. Cork is also environment-friendly, so no harmful substances like PFOA are going to come into your environs after you have sent your goods out. These are some of the reasons why these products are mostly preferred over any other material.

Corrugated Boards – These are lightweight yet strong packaging boxes. These come in different varieties for different uses. Some varieties are manufactured for paper while others are manufactured to help businesses in shipping and packaging needs. Corrugated boards have a high density, which makes it easier to keep them together without getting them creased.

Vinyl Packaging Boxes – These are also lightweight yet strong packaging boxes which are commonly used in grocery stores. These boxes help decrease gas emissions which are caused by heavier items being stacked together. Also, if these boxes are properly maintained then they can last for several years. One thing which is very important to note about corrugated boards and vinyl boxes is that they do not work well for some very specific needs, for instance, plastic or corrugated paperboard packaging needs cannot be fulfilled with these two packaging boxes.

Folding Cartons – These are heavy duty packaging boxes which are widely used in many different industries. These boxes are generally made of heavy plastic, corrugated paperboard or wood. Folding cartons are more convenient and user friendly than the other types of packaging boxes. Therefore, they are more preferred by many packaging companies.

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