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We have talked about the importance of choosing a broker company for a trader. In particular, for the trader of binary options. At the moment, binary options formed the peak of popularity. Advertising binary options can be found almost everywhere. The Internet is full of video clips, in which we are told about binary brokers. The first thing you need to pay attention to is the fact that brokers who offer their customers binary options trading are divided into two types. The first type of brokers provides a financial platform for currency trading and binary options. The second type provides only binary options. Here it is necessary to understand. It’s better to deal with a brokerage company that allows you to work with two tools. The first type belongs to the company Larson&Holz, which provides trading in currency, contracts, and binary options. But binary options company Larson&Holz has launched recently. According to some reports, the first deals on this instrument were opened several years ago. Despite the fact that the company Larson&Holz itself was opened in 2004. Considering this tool, one characteristic is involuntarily noticed. The company has been operating since 2004, and has not closed until now. This clearly shows that the company deserves a positive evaluation. Fraudulent companies, as a rule, do not live to a five-year jubilee. As for other brokers of binary options, which offer only one tool to the client, some of them were opened a couple of years ago. So it is impossible to say about the stability of the company in times of crisis. It should be noted that the period 2008-2009, and at the time was the height of the financial crisis, the company was quite successful. There was some drawdown, but in general, the company not only did not stop working, but also developed many additional services. Usually, in the midst of a crisis, brokerage companies do not have to enter additional tools. But as we see, the company Larson&Holz surpassed all expectations. After all, the main number of additional functions was introduced just then.

Drawing attention to the binary options from Larson&Holz, you can find many special moments designed to simplify the work of traders. First we will consider one point that attracted a fairly large number of new customers. As we know, trading platforms of brokers of binary options are imperfect. Moreover, the functionality of the platforms is reduced to a minimum. What we see at the broker Larson&Holz. The usual trading terminal MetaTrader4. Yes, this is one of the popular platforms, calculated currency trading and CFD. But to make binary options … the company really did the impossible. After all, you can trade binary options directly in this platform. The company implemented a special plug-in into the platform. And now fans of binary options can enjoy their favorite tool. In addition, the advantage is that the trader can use the standard platform options. But that’s not all. A trader can install third-party trading indicators and templates. And this simplifies the trade.

Consider some issues that are relevant for novice traders. Many customers are frightened by the fact that the account has to be confirmed. But this step is not considered now as a certain whim of the company. This is a necessity. Virtually all brokers have introduced this procedure. In fact, the management of Larson&Holz confirms that this procedure is necessary. And its purpose is not the customer data, but the confirmation that the company is working with real people. The cases of registration of several accounts have become more frequent, in order to obtain bonuses. Many people complain that this procedure complicated the entire registration process. But we must understand one thing. No serious organization will work with a person, not knowing what his name is, and where he is from. A clear example is the bank. Even an ordinary translation can not be done without a passport. Therefore, nothing surprising is that brokerage companies require confirmation. And then, the client should send a screenshot of the front page of the passport to one of the company’s offices. The originals remain with customers. Therefore, consider this a flaw, at least, incorrectly.

The next moment, this is the navigation site of the company Larson&Holz. Like, too much material. In principle, what kind of confidence can there be if the official site of the broker consists of several pages. The company has tried to host all the detailed information on its website. But what is characteristic, all the material is in the relevant sections. For example, the training section includes the entire course, beginning with the main points of trade, and ending with trade using sophisticated algorithms. Therefore, it would be wrong to say that the company specifically developed complex navigation in order to confuse the client. And then, at the bottom of the site there is a page – a sitemap. Any interesting information can be found there. Again, any unfamiliar navigation on the site causes some complications. But after understanding, the client understands that the company Larson&Holz is trying to bring to customers all the information that they need to know. So this moment is more an advantage than a disadvantage.

As mentioned earlier, the company has improved the trading platform for binary options. Now in the trading terminal you can trade at least a currency, even a contract, at least binary options. It’s really convenient.

The next characteristic moment is the license of the company. This moment is decisive, since the absence of a license causes distrust. Again, do not be surprised. There is no license, so there is no control. And there is no control, so the client can be deceived at any time. Prove its rightness is impossible. As for Larson&Holz, it has a license. One license from the CRFIN, and a second license from KROUF. In principle, the company’s work is tightly monitored by these two regulators. Any client can apply for help to one of these bodies if the company in relation to him commits unlawful actions. While the company Larson&Holz was not seen in this. Which again allows us to think about the positive moment.

Many people think that a company that is a fraudster does not open additional partner centers and offices. They are right. The company, focused on the short-term period, will not engage in what will spend its money on expanding the network. It is inappropriate. Usually, the partner network expands in the event that the company plans to work with clients in the long term. And if this is so, then the end justifies the means. The company Larson&Holz has many partner offices in the territory of the Russian Federation, and even beyond its borders. In addition, the company’s press center reported on future plans for opening additional offices in South America. Great scope, do not say anything. And now we ask ourselves: can an ordinary broker company, which tries to deceive customers and close, open such a partner network. Of course not. In fact, the company has developed a unique partnership program. And this allowed to expand the network of partner centers. And again a positive moment.

As for the reviews, the number of which is growing daily. This is a fairly controversial criterion, since the availability of feedback is not a key point of the company’s work. Naturally, the competition in this area is tough. Therefore, reviews can be bought. In general, the work of the company can be checked in real mode, rather than on statements of unknown persons. Considering the company LH-Crypto, one can say one thing: the company has more positive moments than negative ones. But everyone makes the choice himself.

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