What is the cost of movable walls?

Movable walls are designed to suit various environments, offering a temporary solution for keeping unnecessary volumes out. When it comes to investing in movable walls, the cost is dependent on various factors and AEG Partitions provide a personalised quotation that takes into consideration your exact specifications.

Understandably, you want to choose partitions that are affordable and suitable for your budget; be sure to consider the following to ensure that you choose the right movable walls for your business:

Type of Partition

Despite there being a wide range of similarities between the movable and sliding walls, they each have a unique function. AEG Partitions provide partitions with varying acoustic levels and they incorporate different levels of resistance.

The acoustic movable walls are priced differently, so the best thing to do is to identify which suits your needs best to ensure that you maximise your investment.

Teachwall 100

One of the movable walls that we supply at AEG Partitions is the Teachwall 100. These acoustic movable walls incorporate some of the most desirable acoustic properties and sound insulation, hence why they aren’t priced the same as other acoustic movable walls.

The Teachwall 100 from AEG Partitions has an insulation range between 37 and 58 Decibels, allowing you to choose partitions that offer a suitable level of soundproofing.

Purchasing this acoustic wall will allow you to benefit from a partition that is easy to operate and extremely stable- not forgetting that it is carefully manufactured to comply with British Safety Standards.

Teachwall 200

Perhaps movable or concertina walls wouldn’t suit your property? Why not consider one of the sliding walls that AEG Partitions provide?

Their sliding walls have an appearance that is envied by many. Although the sliding walls make a simple addition, regardless of where they are installed, they utilise space effectively. An investment in one of AEG Partitions sliding walls will instantly transform space to create an inspiring finish.

The Teachwall 200 is considered to be a cost-efficient investment that matches your budget requirements. Unlike other acoustic movable walls, the sliding walls are hinged to enhance operation, allowing you to divide areas effortlessly.

Teachwall 800

Concertina walls are extremely versatile. AEG Partitions provide the Teachwall 800 to suit the requirements of an array of customers. Choosingconcertina walls will divide space effectively and make no compromise to health and safety standards.

As with any of the products that AEG Partitions supply, the Teachwall 800 is built to be robust, however, the cost varies depending on the size of the partition and the area that it’s installed in.

Location of Partition

The cost of concertina walls and movable walls is impacted by the location. Think about where the partition will be installed and how much space that it will take up.

When installing concertina walls or acoustic movable walls, you need to be mindful of how much waste will be generated. If you need to knock down walls, it may work out to be more convenient for you to order a skip to store the waste that is generated, keeping your property clean and maintaining safety standards.

Maintenance of Partition

If you’re looking to keep your costs low, be sure to maintain your partition. Maintaining your movable wall will keep it in great working condition and will allow you to prolong the lifespan of your temporary wall, ensuring that it functions effectively.

Regular maintenance can also eliminate costly repairs and replacements, providing you with ample opportunity to receive exceptional value for your money.

The team at AEG Partitions specialise in service and maintenance for any of the acoustic movable walls that they supply, so you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands when it comes to keeping your costs to a minimum.

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