Traditional Marketing Strategies That Still Work for Laundry Businesses

No matter the industry, we now hear about the importance of digital marketing strategies to further grow a business. This holds true even in laundromats because even with the best laundry parts and equipment from stores like Laundry Replacement Parts, you can only go so far without an online presence.

But that doesn’t mean you have to scrap traditional marketing strategies. You must learn to balance the two, as well-executed digital and traditional strategies can energize your business to widen the customer base and increase profits.

Here are a few traditional marketing strategies that are still effective in a laundry business.

About Traditional Marketing Strategies

Traditional marketing is like a newspaper ad, print ad, print magazine article, or billboards. They are simple but effective ways to spread messages. When announcing sales in the laundromat, you would put up posters to convey information about it within the community. It’s safe and affordable to get the word out, where you can still make a profit off it, just as you would with digital marketing campaigns.

Besides investing in new equipment and alliance laundry parts, here are some of the traditional marketing strategies that still continue to work.

  1. Exterior and Interior Signages


First impressions are everything, so the exterior signages of your storefront will be a powerful marketing tool for businesses. Make sure you use clear fonts and bold colors, which will attract new customers and encourage old ones to return.

The same goes for your interior signage. Do not underestimate and overlook the interiors of your store. Remember, marketing is focused on informing customers about the top aspects of your business.

Let’s say you have energy-efficient equipment. If that’s the case, then let your customers know your store is green and efficient! If you have the best prices in town, show it off via interior signage!


  1. Hold In-Store Events


When you open a new store, the grand opening event will be the first chance to attract new customers. But you don’t need to stop there. You can engage the community with anniversary events and relevant holidays, like National Laundry Day. These events can help you promote and build positive relationships within your community.


  1. Sales Promotions


Sales promotions are an excellent way to attract new and returning customers. Surely, you and everyone else love a good deal. You can opt for happy hour specials, which are a tried and trusted way to generate more business during slow hours. Seasonal pricing promos are another excellent promo as well.

There are so many holidays and events for a business to create promotions around, like Holiday Specials, Summer Specials, Back to School Specials, and more!


  1. Give Flyers and Mailers


In this digital age, you might think that mailers and flyers aren’t as effective as before. However, a study showed that physical mailers continue to be a powerful marketing tool. Direct mail would also have a higher open rate compared to email, along with a higher response rate.


Wrapping It Up

Integrate at least one of these strategies into your marketing efforts!

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