Professional Linen Service for Your Chef Uniforms

Cleanliness is important no matter what kind of business you run. There are certain businesses in which customers care more about cleanliness than in others. For instance, if you go into a sports store you probably aren’t going to care about the muddy footprint on the floor or the employee who looks like he spilled ketchup on his shirt during lunch. The same cannot be said for a restaurant. Customers look for cleanliness when dining in an eatery.

Importance of Restaurant Hygiene

There is not another industry that demands the level of cleanliness and hygiene as a restaurant. Why is this? Customers come in to your place of business to dine. They not only expect their food to be of the highest quality, but they also expect a high degree of cleanliness. This is everything from the floor to the table to the chairs, silverware, and dishes on which the food is served. The employees must have good hygiene. This includes keeping their hair pulled back so that it doesn’t get in the food, washing hands to prevent the spread of germs, and wearing clean clothes. It’s important to keep chef whites, well white.

While personal hygiene is completely up to the individual, there is a way to make sure your clothes stay clean and white. This is by the use of a professional linen service.

Professional Linen Service

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to running a restaurant, your uniforms shouldn’t be one of them. The professional linen service offers a high quality uniform service in which, as part of your subscription, clean, crisp uniforms are kept in constant rotation to ensure employees look their best.

Customers using the service are not bound by a contract. When starting a contract, it takes a maximum of two weeks before employees receive their new uniforms. If for whatever reason, you decide you no longer want to use professional linen services, a short one-month notice is all that is required in order to opt out of the service.

The way the employees in your restaurant and chefs dress tell a lot about the restaurant. It is the first impression people receive when walking through the door. If clothes look nasty, many will assume the food is just as undesirable. Businesses that serve food must undergo health and cleanliness inspections every so often. If the state of dress it too bad, citations can be issued. If the problem is not corrected, further action can be taken and results can be devastating to a business. It goes hand in hand with professionalism. The great thing is that if a uniform is stained or torn beyond repair it can be replaced with a new one.

When it comes to your kitchen, it needs to ensure that your employees stand out and look their best. Look into professional linen services for your companies’ uniforms. If you are unsure as to what you need or what will work best for your company, the experts are happy to advise you on your options depending on your specific needs.

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