A Guide to Creating your Own Line of Beauty Products

If you are a budding entrepreneur, you probably think that setting up your own brand of beauty products is beyond your reach, yet with a limited budget, it is possible to source a white label cosmetics manufacturer. All of their products have full FDA approval and with your carefully designed packaging, you can easily create your own brand.

What is a white label manufacturer?

A cosmetic manufacturer that produces products in their clients’ packaging is called a white label manufacturer. Of course, it might take some time to source a company with top quality products, with soap production (called ผลิตสบู่ in Thai) and a range of haircare products, all in your designed packaging, ready to be sold on your e-commerce platform.

Digital marketing

You are going to have to forge a working alliance with a good digital marketing agency and there are many in Bangkok. With their help, you can create and build a strong online presence by implementing an aggressive digital marketing plan. Social media marketing is very powerful in the hands of a professional Facebook marketing team, who can help you define your target groups and post engaging content.

Natural ingredients

People are looking for cosmetic products that are 100% natural and this trend is likely to continue; search online for a beauty product manufacturer with white label options and you can start by designing your packaging.

Professional branding

You do need to hook up with a digital marketing agency with extensive branding experience, they can take your vision and with graphic art, create rich content that people can instantly identify with. Invest in a freelance graphic artist, as this is money well spent; your logo and colours will soon be known for quality products at affordable prices, which is important.

Packaging design

The cosmetic manufacturer would have an in-house package design team that can take your ideas and turn them into great product packaging and once everything is ready, you can open your website and take orders.

Third Party Logistics

The 3PL sector is booming, thanks to the rise of online shopping and the best way to ensure all your orders are fulfilled is to hook up with a leading 3PL provider. They guarantee rapid delivery, which is an important aspect of good service, plus it leaves you free to focus on improving the user experience.

Make sure you crunch the numbers and have enough money to get your venture off the ground, as many new businesses do not make it due to lack of funds.

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