The Benefits of Influencer Marketing to Help Grow your Business

With influencer marketing set to become a $5-$10 billion dollar industry within the next five years, around every corner of the social media realm you turn, you will be met with personalities trying to pitch you products or sell you a service. With a variety of case studies proving its effectiveness, and leading influencer agency growing, marketers are now curious about the benefits of influencer marketing when it comes to growing a business.

If you have sought this article out, it means you are most likely about to dip your toes into the pool of influencer marketing, but are still a bit sceptical. Here are some benefits of this marketing strategy that will hopefully persuade you to go all the way.

Increased brand awareness

Partnering with an influencer to complete a campaign automatically increases awareness of your brand as you are put in the spotlight for their pre-existing audience. This new audience could then use their platforms to attract more consumers and the cycle continues. This links straight in with…

Builds trust and authority

Influencers spend an incredible amount of time and effort gaining their followings. In order to gain these audiences, influencers have spent months and months behind closed doors building up trust with their followers; meaning any brand they choose to partner with automatically falls under ‘trustworthy’ too. If the influencer has chosen you to partner with then what you sell must be great after all!

Saves money

Name a brand who doesn’t want to save money?

In comparison to traditional marketing methods, using influencer marketing is actually a lot more cost effective. Typically, it costs £10 per 1000 followers to pay for influencers to market your products; reaping a huge ROI.

Improve your SEO

Influencers can be an incredibly beneficial way of attracting users to your website and social profiles. By posting a link to the product they are endorsing, paired with a high engagement rate, the increase in traffic to you is more likely.

As well as this, influencers often have their own websites. If they choose to post links to the products they endorse on here, that is an extra drive of traffic through to your website and socials.

Allows for micro-targeting niche target audiences

Influencers excel in attracting a niche demographic. As a partner, this then gives you access to this audience and increases your sales chances. For example, beauty influencers attract mostly females, but there are a few out there with significant male audiences. If you are a brand looking to target men into beauty and skincare, these are the influencers you will need to find and reach out to. This makes your job a lot easier than using traditional marketing methods.

Provides long-term benefits

The most important long-term benefit of utilising influencer marketing to help grow your business is the authentic and long-lasting relationship that is built between you and your influencer. In creating this, it means you have someone reliable to lean on for future campaigns. As well as this, long-term influencer-brand relationships typically result in an invitation for the influencer to become a brand ambassador. Having a brand ambassador on board means that they cannot represent any other brand aside from yours.

Another long-term benefit is in the longevity of content. Where books are becoming outdated and forgotten, content posted onto the internet is set to remain there indefinitely if it is not deleted. Because of this, you could find yourself gaining new consumers who have stumbled across you through a post uploaded a long time ago.

In today’s climate, influencer marketing is a no-brainer. Influencers have unique voices in the marketing industry that you would not be able to find anywhere else. To partner with an influencer who aligns with your brand image and values will come as a walk-in-the-park when executing your campaign strategy as opposed to using time-consuming, traditional marketing methods.

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