Keep Your Production Line Going with PVC and PU Conveyor Belts

If you run a production line in or around Coventry then you will want the line itself to be as reliable as possible. With the right conveyor belts for your line, you should see a substantial increase in performance. You should be able to pump out more units per hour and keep things going for a long time;

PVC belting

Your local supplier of conveyor belts in Coventry should be able to provide a diverse and comprehensive selection of PVC belting, ranging from light-duty single-ply to heavy-duty solid woven belts. PVC conveyor belts are utilised in a wide range of industries and, all belts are available vulcanized, endless, or with a variety of mechanical fastenings.

Tracking guides and edge profiles can be installed to provide further security while tracks conveyor belts. Corrugated sidewalls can be installed in a variety of sizes on PVC or Polyurethane, a variety of transverse cleats may be added to any base belt using cutting-edge technology.

Endless belts

This type of PVC conveyor belt is utilised in a variety of industries, with each application having its own set of specifications. If you discover a firm that has extensive expertise and understanding in the conveyor belt sector, it will ensure that the raw materials are appropriate for the varied industrial application demands. According to the industrial use, there are numerous procedures that are used to produce the desired outcome. They provide should supply finger splices (a manufactured conveyor belt) in which plies are split or divided, fingers are cut and matched, and lap regions are fused or thermo-welded together.

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