How To Compare Custom Packaging Vendors? Find Here!

Packaging is as important as marketing. The outer box or packaging is the first thing that customers see about a product, and it has the power to influence decisions. In fact, marketing gurus spend considerable time, effort, and energy, in designing the right box for each product. To put those designs and ideas into practice, you must select one of the better custom packaging vendors. While there are many companies that specialize in designing boxes for small and large brands alike, there are a few things to take note. Here is a simplified guide for your help!

  • Reputation counts. There is no denying that the reputation of a box or packaging vendor does matter. You have to check if the company specializes in custom packaging and has worked with brands and manufacturers in your sector. As a new client, you have complete authority to check their clientele, ask for references and evaluate a few samples. Find a custom packaging vendor you can rely on and partner in the long run.
  • Do they offer ecofriendly boxes? Customers are more aware and conscious of their brand choices, and many wouldn’t mind paying a tad more for a product that comes in an ecofriendly box. You can go for boxes that are made of recycled materials or those are made of materials that can be reused and recycled later.

  • Don’t miss the minimum order quantity. When it comes to custom packaging, you need to check the minimum quality for ordering. Some companies wouldn’t accept an order below 1,000 boxes, and if yours is a new company, it wouldn’t be viable thing. Check if the selected vendor can accommodate your order requests.
  • Do they help with packaging? Yes, many box vendors who offer help for custom packaging and even have an in-house team of designers, who guide clients on designing the box, often for no charge or a small fee. Think of this – You can save considerably that would be otherwise spent on designing.

  • Industry specialization. Not all companies that deal in boxes and packaging deal in all niches and sectors. For example, you may need a specific kind of subscription box that’s reusable, for which the material would be different than what’s required for a burger box. Find a company that understands diverse requirements and has the capacity to handle all kinds of orders.

Check online now for vendors and get an estimate to get started!

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