Check your IPO allot status

An IPO allotment is the number of shares that a shareholder is allotted in an initial public offering. The allotment is determined by the underwriter of the IPO and is based on the shareholder’s investment amount and the price per share of the stock.

How to check your IPO allotment status online.

The easiest way to check your IPO allotment status is online through your broker’s website or portal. If you applied for an IPO through a broker, you should have received login credentials from them which will allow you to access your account information. Once you’re logged in, look for a section labeled “IPO Allotment” or something similar. If you don’t see this section, try contacting customer service for assistance.

How to check your IPO allotment status offline.

If you applied for an IPO directly with the company going public, you can check your allotment status by contacting their investor relations department or by visiting their website and looking for information about the IPO under the “Investor Relations” section.


An initial public offering (IPO) is when a company first sells shares of itself to the public. IPOs are a type of equity financing whereby funds are raised by issuing new shares in the company. There are two types of IPOs: the primary market and the secondary market.

A primary market IPO is when a company issues new shares and sells them to the public for the first time. A secondary market IPO is when a company that has already issued shares sells them again on the stock market Algo trading.

When a company goes public, it files an IPO prospectus with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The prospectus contains information about the company’s business, financial condition, and risk factors.

Investors can check their allotment status online or offline. To check your allotment status online, you will need your PAN number and application number. To check your allotment status offline, you will need to contact your broker or visit the Registrar’s office.

If you have been allotted shares in an IPO, congratulations! You have made a wise investment decision. If you have not been allotted shares, don’t worry; there will be other opportunities to invest in good companies.

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