8 Car Modifications You Should Inform Your Insurer

In January 2019, the Indian Supreme Court overturned a Kerala High Court verdict that allowed car and motorcycle owners to modify their vehicles under the Kerala Motor Vehicle Rules, 1989. The order impacts car insurance and owners; you know which insurance works best by comparing car insurance prices and the benefits. The Supreme Court’s decision is summarised below, along with a list of eight vehicle modifications you should notify your insurer about.

What Does The Ruling Of The Supreme Court Say?

This judgment modified Section 52 of the Motor Vehicles Act of 1988 to prohibit changing motor vehicle specifications. They are specified during car registration and cannot be modified. The order’s main goals are reducing car pollution, accidents and the convenience of road travel.

Changes That Are Permitted

The ruling by the top court does not forbid all vehicle modifications. There are exceptions to Section 52 that permit specified alterations without affecting the details listed in the registration papers for the vehicle. Here are some of them.

The insurer should be informed of the following changes:

  1. Body modification: This is frequently done to improve the car’s aesthetics and make it appear more masculine and for more practical reasons, like boosting its load-bearing capacity. Any modifications done for any reason should be disclosed to the insurance since they might alter the vehicle’s intended use.
  1. Engine modifications: The car’s engine is its heart. Its power and speed will change if anything is changed. So, the insured needs to know if there are modifications made to it.
  1. The suspension and braking systems are essential for a car’s safety. The insurer must be notified of any changes to these systems.
  1. Interiors: The interiors are also considered when determining a Bajaj Allianz car insurance rate. Installing pricey music systems and cutting-edge front-rear air conditioning in the interiors could impact how much insurance may cost. In addition, the insurance rate considers additional elements like steering wheels and upholstery.
  1. Upgraded wheels may make your automobile look more expensive and boost its value, raising the prices.
  1. Designer paint jobs or painting with special-purpose paints may also affect how much a car costs.
  1. Modifications for disabled users: Today, many auto modification designers concentrate on making the vehicle accessible for both – the driver & passengers who are disabled. To make a car more accessible for people with disabilities, some frequent modifications include power steering, automatic transmission, and swivel seats. The insurer must also be informed of these modifications.
  1. Modifications for sporting or adventurous purposes: Cars are frequently altered for competitions, motocross events, cross-country treks, wildlife excursions, etc. Additionally, the insurer should be made aware of these modifications, and the car insurance cover can be made to use.

Think ahead and let your Bajaj Allianz car insurance know if you make any changes to your car to ensure that every component of your priceless vehicle is protected. Lastly, running your budget through a car insurance calculator is always advisable to reap the best benefits.

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