4 Great Reasons For Employers to Ensure Clean Air on Site

Industrial dust is a nuisance. It contaminates the air we breathe and can cause potentially deadly illnesses to employees as well as cause compliance issues if you don’t control it. Employers should implement dust suppression methods to avoid these consequences. This article explains why dust prevention and maintaining clean air are crucial for employers.

Let’s dive in.

Reduce the health risks of dust on your worksite

Occupational exposure to dust is a risk to employees’ health, even at lower doses. Long-term exposure to respirable industrial dust is directly linked with the likelihood of lung cancer, respiratory problems, lung diseases, asthma, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Exposure could be life-threatening depending on the type of dust on your worksite. For example, OSHA says that inhaling crystalline silica dust can cause silicosis, which can be disabling or even fatal in severe cases. Dust prevention and purifying the air in your job site reduce the health risks of dust exposure. That way, you protect your employees from deadly illnesses and prevent activity disruption on your site.

Comply with industry regulations

Because industrial dust is a serious health hazard in the workplace, the government, through OSHA, has set standards employers must follow. Regulatory bodies have set exposure limits and standard control measures. Here’s an example of OSHA’s regulation on controlling and reducing exposure to silica dust: Handheld power saws used to saw silica-containing materials must have an integrated water delivery system that limits the amount of respirable crystalline silica that escapes into the air. Violating such regulations attract heavy fines that may disrupt business activities. Implementing reliable dust control methods ensures you comply and avoid penalties. OSHA allows you to independently choose dust control methods that work best to reduce exposure in your workplace.

A healthier workplace equals more productive employees

Most employers agree that maintaining a healthier workplace can boost employee morale and productivity. In other words, a healthier work environment arguably increases engagement. Companies that cultivate a healthy environment for workers get fewer health and sickness instances, reducing absenteeism. Striving for a clean atmosphere tells employees you care about them, which might increase their morale and motivation to do work. Put yourself in your workers’ shoes. Waking up daily to a workplace where your health and life hang in the balance makes you rethink your job options. And certainly, you would gladly abandon your current occupation when a better opportunity pops up. Don’t underestimate the effects of occupational dust in your workplace. Do everything possible to purify the air in your site because it helps maintain everyday productivity and retain employees.

Reduce the rate of corrosion in your workplace

Corrosion results from materials, such as metals, reacting with environmental chemicals. Increased levels of pollutants in the atmosphere can speed up this process. The higher the corrosion rate on an industrial machine, the lower the lifetime of the equipment. Eliminating harmful pollutants from your workplace atmosphere improves air quality, reducing corrosion rate.

Maintaining clean air is vital because it helps reduce health risks, and slow down the corrosion rate of machines and tools. What’s more, it ensures you comply with regulations and maintain steady productivity in your workplace.

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