Understanding the Changing Dynamics of Art Investment Industry with Artrium

The art investment industry was once ruled by auctions and individual buyers, who had millions to purchase a masterpiece. Using the power of Blockchain, which is the core of cryptocurrencies, Artrium promises to change the dynamics of this industry and empower art professionals, collectors and investors alike. Artrium is committed to the cause of removing obstacles that are evident in art investment, nurturing a market where everyone has a chance. Below are some of the other aspects to note.

How does it work?

Artrium has a four-member team in place, who purchase assets after careful evaluation by fine art experts. Using the power of blockchain technology, Artrium then divides the asset in shares, which are open for the members. The core team retains a stake in the assets for maintaining and increasing the value of their work. One the shares have been created on the blockchain system, Artrium opens its platform for trading and selling, much like the way how Bitcoin works. This helps in gathering funds and collecting fee that facilitate the trade transactions.

For those who already have considerable cryptocurrencies, these shares work like real investment, while for art market veterans, this is a new and transparent opportunity to indulge in well-documented deals. For the enthusiasts of fine art investment, this is a new game altogether and changes the whole point of individual fine art ownership, besides covering all the connected expenses. Artrium takes the charge of insuring, storing, maintaining and promoting the asset and taking care of the exhibition needs.

Know more

Artrium has created a business model that makes the most of different revenue streams to ensure profitability for those involved. Apart from funds generated from transaction fees and asset trade shares, money also comes from the sale of art assets and also from the new investments made by Artrium. The profit model is a planned one and will cover the cost of everything related to the maintenance and sale of art assets, besides taking care of the logistics.

Artrium founders have expressed their desire to expand more and are inviting art collectors, gallery owners and enthusiasts of the cryptocurrency world to take part in the changing world of art investment. Also, the platform is transparent enough to cater to user needs, but doesn’t have the jargons that are associated with the traditional markets.

Interested art experts can check the website of Artrium to know more.